The Removal of Canon, the Paso Fino, From My Mother's Property On 10/30/2009

These photos were taken the morning of October 30, 2009. What is happening is the taking of my mother's horse from her property. Pardon the quality of some of these photos, but I was extremely scared and upset at the time. I was being ultra discrete, photographing through the blinds, because I was terrified of these people. I can only compare the feeling I had with what it must be like to experience an act of terrorism...because that is exactly what it was.

Erica Moore had said to me in court the previous day that she wanted this horse in exchange for my son's pony Comet, who was on my property. That she would even think that AC would have a right to make such a bargain with someone else's property is beyond me, but I agreed out of not knowing what else to do. Did I even have a choice?

My mother's property had been ILLEGALLY included as part of the case against me, and was later on severed, as part of an appeal filed in March of 2010 by Henry Ferro.

Was this horse returned? NO! Should he have been? YES, along with a HUGE apology to my mother. It is the emotional rape and robbery of events like this that I believe contributed to the sudden and rapid decline in my mother's health, ultimately leading to her death in December of 2010.

This is their photo that appeared in one of Logan Neill's slanderous articles. Horse thieves...

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