I did return to court once before I left Florida. It was on February 1st of 2010. I had already retained an attorney at this point, Henry G. Ferro, Esq.

This time there was no Logan Neill or any other journalists. What a shame. I also had gained some supporters from a local bird group that I had been put in touch with, and who were very knowledgeable about these types of confiscations.

I would have loved to have seen the expressions of Erica Moore and Liana Teaque as they entered the courtroom and saw the stenographer.

This is the "bill" for $29,622.23 that they tried to get me to pay, with, of course, Hitzemann once again presiding over the proceedings. The amount was too great to be disputed in a lower court, so it was promptly dismissed as if they had known it was illegal all along; it was over and they were gone in seconds. It was so odd. They had not anticipated that I would have competent counsel and must have thought that they could get away with it...which in my gut tells me that Hitzemann was somehow involved.

I never heard about this bill again. It is not a far leap to think that the other bill presented in court on October 29, 2009 was also an attempt to extort money from me, with my animals being used as currency. Unfortunately, I had no legal representation to stop them at that point.

In this bill is the cost of an investigation that never happened. Had I been able to obtain an attorney during the initial hearing, he could have easily subpoenaed the AC records to verify that there had never been such an investigation, blocking the sale and seizure of my animals in the first place. I believe that this was the entire motive behind this tragedy; money.

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