The Auction: 11/19/09

Today, my birds, horses, ponies, and donkey were sold at an online auction which ended at around 9 AM this morning. I asked a friend of mine who had been monitoring everything not to tell me the web address, because I knew that it would be too much for me to witness. She was merciful enough to comply with my wishes.

I am utterly devastated, and to be very honest with you, the only thing keeping me alive at the my son. The pain is unbearable, it is like having lost a thousand children. I watched the hour of 9 AM go by on my clock, and felt as if the life had been ripped out of my soul.

I looked in the mirror when I got up, and it was like staring into a black hole. How do I pick up the pieces of my life? I will tell you one thing: The people who committed this evil act this will not get away with it. I intend to fight tooth and nail to hold them accountable for the destruction they have caused to the lives of myself, my family, and my animals.

It is unlikely that I will ever see my animals again because of the way this case was fast-tracked, but maybe I can stop these people from doing this again to someone else. I intend to seek the justice that the animals you see in these pictures so well deserve...that my shattered family deserves...that the spirit of Ginger and the many others who were needlessly euthanized, deserve.

I thank you for listening...Carolyne

UPDATE: November 3, 2015

The birds, horses, the donkey and the cow were sold at an online auction. I don't know what happened to the sugar gliders and ferrets. I heard later that the prairie dog was safe. Each of the buyers of the animals online had to sign an agreement allowing random inspections, meaning that the animals could end up at Animal Control again.

All of the cats were killed, as were the older dogs. Hernando County would later be accused of not weighing animals before anesthetizing them in order to administer the heart stick (a brutal way of killing an animal by plunging a needle into its heart), as well as killing animals in front of one another. All of the articles concerning their questionable practices are on this page. The rest of the dogs were adopted for a fee at a public fair and given vaccines again, so that they could charge people for them.

Animal Control made an easy $7000 from the online auctions alone. I do have the saved web pages from this auction, a friend was kind enough to save them for me...but 6 years later, they are still too painful for me to look at. They had said in court that I owed them $5000 for their investigation. What happened to the rest of the money was never explained to me, and I was never given the opportunity to pay this bill in some other way...nor was I ever provided with an accounting showing me how they arrived at that figure. They had taken it upon themselves to seize perfectly healthy animals and sell them in order to pay what essentially was an imaginary bill..

Along with my animals, they took expensive birdcages...even large bird cages that were empty...kennels, and pet taxis, all of which was illegal.  I was never presented with any paperwork concerning the seizures at all, as I had been promised the day before by Eric Moore. The law does not matter in Hernando County.

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