Here is another quote from John Tossona who is no longer with Hernando County AC, and who now resides in south Florida. This quote is from his Facebook page, and it is set to "Public". I did not feel it was inappropriate to post it here...in fact it is very telling, because to me, it conveys the fact that the attitude of AC is not one of rescuing animals from bad situations and relocating them to better situations. Rather, it is about killing them as a form of salvation, and assuming that somehow they are responsible for all animal owners across the country. My question is, who made them king? Who gave them dominion over life and death?

"It is my opinion that many of the dogs in these shelters were already rescued from a fate that would have been a painful and long death; such as starvation, dehydration, and abuse. As a prior Animal Officer, it was our responsibility to do the unthinkable and to make a hasty death with dignity. It isn't that we liked it, but a necessity. How over-crowded would the "NO KILL" facilities be if this weren't done. Stop giving the ones that have a awful job more grief. I loved the animals and have shed many tears over the time and remember many looking at me knowing their time was up. An Animal Officer is responsible for the irresponsible owners all over this country and give them credit, most of you out their couldn't do that job."
John Tossona, the man who shattered my life with the same kind of ease with which he shattered the window of this car.  Did he shed a tear over my animals, the ones he murdered? It is horrible for me to think that his was the last face that my animals saw.
RIP kitties...you lived 12 years in peace only to die at the hands of a mad man.
Strangely absent from these articles posted below, is the writing of Logan Neill, the lowly Arts and Entertainment writer and would-be investigative journalist for the Hernando Times, who penned slanderous lies about myself, my husband, and my animals, that ultimately helped drive my family as well as my animals into a pit of death and despair. I have always had the suspicion that he somehow was involved in what I believe was a massive conspiracy against me whose motive was personal gain and monetary profit. For what other reasons would he be silent now?


Another mistaken dog death jolts Hernando animal services

AC is caught once more with blood on their hands.

Hernando Co Animal Services Staff Described as a “Serious Problem”

"Lo and behold, the people actually being paid to abuse and kill animals are the problem, not the volunteers trying to save pets’ lives.  The volunteer coordinator described a hostile environment where everyone has their own agenda – none of which appears to include helping animals.  One staffer apparently told the volunteer coordinator outright that until she got the vols to do the staffer’s job for her, she would remain uncooperative.  Another found the vol coordinator on the computer, trying to post kittens for adoption online, and shooed her away, changing the password to make sure she couldn’t get in to try anything like that again."

Hernando County uses insider to audit Animal Services abuse, euthanasia policy

"Rather than use an independent auditor, Hernando is using county employee, Peggy Caskey to head-up the investigation. Caskey is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Brooksville, and also currently works as a consultant for the organization."

These are the same people involved in the re-vaccination and selling of my dogs.

Hernando County Animal Services volunteer coordinator points finger at employees - Tampa Bay Times

Report reveals problems with euthanasia procedures at Hernando County Animal Services

This has to be read to be believed.

" Workers did not consistently verify that an animal was dead before removing the animal for storage and disposal.
Workers did not consistently test to ensure that animals were property anesthetized before the euthanasia drug was injected into the heart.
In one case, the report stated, "one cat was stuck three times in the chest before the heart was located. This cat was never assessed for anesthesia level or pain prior to inserting the needle into the cat's chest.''"

UF report exposes Brooksville animal shelter 'animal cruelty and suffering'

"A study uncovered on Friday (5/11/12) includes documentation of "animal cruelty and suffering" at Hernando County Animal Services, in Brooksville, Florida.
Hernando County Animal Services shelter volunteers have banded forces with No Kill Nation, an animal rights advocacy group, and uncovered documents on Friday that suggest the audit currently being conducted by the county may be  a travesty."

Florida officials: No penalty for employee animal cruelty and dog euthanasia

"No disciplinary action or penalties have been imposed against Animal Services workers by Hernando County, Florida, officials, whose employees violated a seven-day hold policy by killing an 8 month old dog, Zeus, just 12 minutes after arriving at the shelter on April 13th.
On Thursday, Public Safety Director Mike Nickerson, Human Resources Manager Cheryl Marsden, and Animal Services Manager Liana Teague, were contacted by email for their comments regarding plans for disciplinary action against employees who played an active role in the rapid euthanasia and rough treatment of Zeus, as well as evidence in an independent, University of Florida case studies that documented animal cruelty at Animal Services. None of the county officials contacted have chosen to respond.
In addition to violating the seven-day hold policy, witnesses said kennel worker, Chris Lee, dragged the frightened Zeus to his death by the neck, and county officials do not deny this."

Hernando sheriff proposes taking over Animal Services

Great! Let the corrupt sheriff who runs the jail take over AC! They can have their own little corrupt mini country..."Deliverance by the sea"!

Report faults euthanasia procedures at Hernando County Animal Services

Among the veterinarians' findings:
/ Animals were not weighed before euthanization to determine the correct level of anesthesia to be administered. Technicians would guess at the weight.
"Getting an accurate weight for each animal being euthanized is the foundation for identifying an appropriate drug dosage for pre-euthanasia drugs and euthanasia solution,'' the report states.
The right dose, based on weight, ensures "that animals receive a dosage that will achieve the desired result (central nervous system shutdown and cardiac standstill).''
/ Workers did not consistently test to ensure that animals were property anesthetized before the euthanasia drug was injected into the heart.
"Before inserting a needle into an animal's heart, technicians must check for absence of eye and limb withdrawal reflexes to establish that the animal is completely unconscious and unable to feel pain,'' the report stated.
In one case, the report stated, "one cat was stuck three times in the chest before the heart was located. This cat was never assessed for anesthesia level or pain prior to inserting the needle into the cat's chest.''
/ Euthanasia was performed in plain view of conscious animals.

UF report exposes Brooksville animal shelter 'animal cruelty and suffering'

"Among the issues cited in the University of Florida study are documented cases of “inhumane treatment, neglect, failure to get vet care, failure to vaccinate, failure to try place animals, failure to find owners of strays, insufficient nourishment of animals, unnecessary killings of animals even after weeks and months of being held away from public view,” according to a summary of the study by Boynton."

Hernando animal shelter volunteers' claims echoed in 2011 report, though a year before Zeus' euthanization

"In one kennel, an assessment team found a Chihuahua that couldn't raise its head because it had been hit by a car. But the small dog had been given no pain medication.

In another cage was a mixed-breed mother dog and her puppy. The puppy had a severe eye injury, and the mother had discharge from her eyes and was squinting, a sign of pain. But there was no request for veterinary care or input.

Two tabby cats brought to the facility were surrendered by their owner. Both were friendly, attractive and already neutered and spayed, but were never put up for adoption. The male was euthanized 22 days later.
The same owner also surrendered a blue-eyed cat; it was put in the adoption area and got a home within days."

County delays remedy to avoid euthanasia at Hernando Animal Services

Following the euthanization of Zeus, conflict deepens at Hernando County Animal Services
 "One photograph showed five tiny kittens that had come to the facility three weeks ago. Three were immediately adopted; the other two, including one with a leg injury, were put on hold for two women wanting to adopt them. But before that could happen, commissioners were told, the kittens were euthanized.

"You cannot imagine how angry and disgusted I was when I found out those two kittens and an 8-month-old dog were killed,'' said volunteer Suzanne Whalen.

Boynton showed a picture of a small white dog named Snowy and explained that the old dog was brought into the shelter with a bleeding sore, yet received no medical treatment.

"This dog bled to death over the course of six days,'' she told the commission.

The next case was Scotch, a 14-year-old deaf and blind dog covered with fleas. Even though Boynton provided flea medication for the dog, over the next week the kennel workers never administered it.
When volunteers notified staffers of those cases and others, Boynton said, they claimed to not know about the dogs' conditions.

"They are liars to the public,'' she said. "They need to go.''"

Hernando County AC: Euthanized Animals Taken to Landfill
This is particularly gruesome. All the dogs and cats euthanized at Hernando County Animal Services are being put in trash bags and dumped in a landfill. Compounding their undignified end, there have been reports that eagles were swooping down on the discarded bags and making away with animal remains.

You can bet some of my animals ended up there, because the ashes they brought me were not enough to have been for all of the animals they killed.

Cruelty reported with 3 week old kitten at Hernando County Animal Services

Yearly assessment not done

Hernando County pet owners react to Zeus' death

Dog's death at Hernando County Animal Services prompts independent investigation

VIDEO: An animal clinic in Hernando County says the dogs confiscated in a recent raid were not getting the proper care.

PetLuv severs ties with Animal Services | Hernando Today

Is Hernando Co Animal Services allowing horses to die? - Tampa Bay animal welfare | Examiner.com

Beloved cat euthanized in Hernando shelter mixup - Tampa Bay Times

Outrage, death threats over dog's death

Brooksville, Florida Animal Control too busy killing animals to talk to people who want to adopt 

Dog killed at Hernando Co Animal Services sparks outrage, calls for new staff - Tampa Bay animal welfare | Examiner.com

AC Officer Patrick Pace is Jumped and Has Dog Stolen

Former AC Officer who became a cosmetologist and then a felon, Patrick Pace was beaten up and had his dog stolen. This incident happened literally around the corner from where I used to live, and where the illegal confiscation that he played a major part in occurred. His girlfriend at the time, Justine Chincino, who appears in the Bay News 9 video with him but is unfortunately no longer available, has a previous drug record.

Details on her arrest and the arrests of others in relation to a Hernando County pain clinic.

Incidentally, Pace was FIRED by AC, because he had been driving without a valid FL driver's license, and because he used county funds to buy his mother groceries.
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